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San Francisco Bay Area architectural photography blog. Writings and photography by Jean Bai.

Modern, Eclectic Silverlake Loft Shoot

LA-based interior designer, Breeze Giannasio, fearlessly juxtaposes elements of open, modern Californian residences with an eclectic tribal ensemble for Johanna Maska, a marketing exec at a bay area fin tech firm and co-founder of Percena, a platform empowering women and minorities to network and grow.

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Last night, I went out with my new baby - a tilt shift lens purchased from Germany. A board member of a non-profit organization, which provides self-sufficiency programs and housing to disadvantaged families, told me it was hosting its annual luncheon and could use some photos for decoration. Out I went into the Peninsula for inspiration.

Starting Out Story #1: Getting Views

I consider myself an introvert, so the whole idea that business now begins with social media in order to reach a wider audience is pretty daunting to say the least. Now that I've gone through the formation of about a dozen social media accounts, linking each to my domain and adding them to niche social networks, I can say that it wasn't so painful. It's been refreshing. 

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Exploring Snøhetta's San Francisco MOMA Expansion

A newly built staircase meets you at the entry of the SFMOMA, leading to the expansion in the back of the museum by Scandinavian firm Snøhetta.  Beautiful diffused light streams in from Mario Botta's original ceiling system on the highest level, allowing ambient light to shine to the very bottom floor.

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Traveling Abroad

“It’s not your experiences, but it’s what you do with them,” a Brazilian woman once told me, while I was staying a night in Venice. Looking back, that entire experience traveling on my own was one of the happiest times in my life. There was nothing more than a backpack for survival. You appreciate what you have so much more. The most important thing to me at the time was a small point-and-shoot Travels camera to remind myself of the times.

Modern Measurements & Creative Worth

A while back, I traveled to Chicago to attend a technology/advisory summit for my data analysis and reporting work in wealth management. The key theme at the conference was the importance of adaptability in our age of rapid change & technology. Thinking about how the finance industry is grappling with that fact led me to consider a few ideas for pricing creative work.

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