Modern, Eclectic Silverlake Loft Shoot / by Jean Bai

LA-based interior designer, Breeze Giannasio, fearlessly juxtaposes elements of open, modern Californian residences with an eclectic tribal ensemble for Johanna Maska, a marketing exec at a bay area fin tech firm and co-founder of Percena, a platform empowering women and minorities to network and grow. These two DC power women (Breeze was a high-power attorney prior to design and Johanna led communications efforts for the Obama administration) ventured out to the west: one for the recent art and design boom in LA and the other for the tech boom in the bay.

With each woman's modern, free-spirited views  arises a Silverlake loft with a vibrant mix of patterns, colors, textures and styles that evokes an edgy, but warm aesthetic for the new Angelenos.