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Jean Bai

I majored in Mathematics/Economics and minored in Theater and Global Studies in UCLA. After exploring the world of film & theater off-campus as well as video-journalism and photojournalism while working at the UCLA Daily Bruin, I fell in love with the process of documenting and sharing the stories around us.

Not sure if it was due to all those math classes or the constructivist artwork from Lazlo Moholy-Nagy I began looking at, but my style started taking an abstract spin - I started obsessing over my use of light and composition and started shooting architecture.

Instead of jumping right into photography after graduating, I balanced my day job in finance with personal creative work, building a portfolio while shooting during business trips and vacations, submitting to photo awards, and saving money to pursue photography professionally.

My philosophy about art—no matter the medium—is that it is strong in form and looks natural. I don't shoot until I feel like I am standing in a position where everything feels balanced in harmony. For me, keeping it natural is a must. It's a way to show the world your confidence and genuine aesthetic; a way to showcase your perfections and reveal those imperfections that make us human. It’s what makes a photo timeless.


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