Exhibition for APA SF's Something Personal Contest / by Jean Bai

I didn't know what to expect when I first submitted my photo of a cypress tree back at the end of October. Guess I had some extra time on my hands as a busy tutoring season was winding down and I found some balance to work on photography again. Guess I also felt a bit isolated down here in Redwood City, away from any art scene.

I had made myself a promise during that week I submitted to the contest, committing to making sure I find time to pursue photography again. I guess you could call it a on-and-off relationship I've had with the arts for the last decade, balancing earning money to pursuing what I love. 

It's definitely rewarding seeing my work chosen amongst the top 100 entries submitted to APA San Francisco's annual photo contest. A contest focused on personal work for photographers, the APA Something Personal contest definitely had some strong work from 72 photographers.

Couldn't help but admire the photo of One World Trade Center from Paul Turang down in LA as well as Mitch Tobias's photo of the Yosemite Firefall. For a moment, I definitely felt like I contributed to a great community and I guess that's what I loved best about the night.


20101212 APA Something Personal 3.jpg
20101212 APA Something Personal 2.jpg
20101212 APA Something Personal 1.jpg
20101212 APA Something Personal 4.JPG