Airbnb Plus Shoots / by Jean Bai

Photographing Airbnb listings for the Airbnb Plus listings has been a pretty amazing experience so far. You get to meet people from all walks of life and see how they design their spaces. Perhaps best of all is that you get an office full of photo editors to handle the post-processing for you.

Not all the apartments and homes that I’ve shot make it to Airbnb Plus, so they don’t go to post. Below are some of the highlights from my recent photo shoots for the Plus team so far. I went ahead and did some quick editing on my own for these.

Listings featured:

  1. Oasis of Peace Garden:

  2. Modern 2 Bedroom House in Glen Park:

  3. Luxury Apartment Oasis w/ Hot Tub:

  4. Sunset Garden Apartment:

  5. Spacious, Private Bernal Suite w/ Garden Patio:

  6. Cute Full Service 2BR:

  7. White Swan Inn - Luxury King with Fireplace: