Montclaire & Alameda Residences / by Jean Bai

The weather has been changing so quickly as of late. I definitely though twice about waking up at 6AM to shoot exteriors in the rain, but my client really insisted. We lucked out as the storm stopped for a quick 20 minutes to allow us to shoot. I'm glad we went with the weather and caught the Bay Area essence with all that rain and fog! Here's to taking risks :)

The interiors were shot in a Victorian built in 1903 in Alameda. The owner had an eclectic mix of artwork - cartoons, tribal pieces, graffiti art and 24 pinball machines. The theme of his home was "Golden State." My client and I fell in love with a white tiger painted by a talented graffiti artist - Saute - and had to include a snap with the rest of the portfolio.

Big thanks to 3 Lights Design for entrusting me with your projects!!