Pacific Art League Competition / by Jean Bai

Last December, my work was showcased at the APA SF holiday party alongside that of some of my favorite photographers - Paul Turang and Erik Almas. It really galvanized me to pursue photography professionally and I'm really glad I did after these last few months. Many lessons were learned and I think many clients have been pleasantly surprised from taking on some fresh eyes to shoot their work. 

Yesterday night will keep a place in my memories though - I received second place at Pacific Art League's annual photography competition and my work is now exhibited for the first time at a gallery. It's been hard to put my work out there and lot of it has been sitting dormant on my hard drives, but seeing how people react to an image printed on classic baryta paper is inspiring me to get more work submitted and printed. 

Art is meant to be shared. I enjoyed every moment of hearing what people's thoughts were on how I shot the image and what they were looking at. The biggest thanks goes to my friends, old and new, who showed up and gave their support.