Two San Jose Shoots / by Jean Bai

The last few weeks have gotten quite busy with SF Design Week and my sister's high school graduation to attend. Am currently post-processing two shoots and have two more coming up in the next two weeks. Hanging in there, roughly reaching the 6 month mark of shooting.

Finally found the time to upload some recent photos of Katelyn Gilmour's beautiful bathroom & mud room designs in two different San Jose homes that we shot in one day. 

I love shooting design and architecture, since I don't think there will ever be a day that I'm shooting something the same. These were different from what I'm used to shooting. There was almost no natural light to work with in most of these rooms.

I try to tailor each set of images to the style of the designer's portfolio and their work, whether it uses natural or artificial light. I begin to wonder if I will eventually develop a characteristic style, but am almost believing that versatility may be a good thing as I've learned each client has his or her own tastes.

Oakglen Way Shoot

These were shot in the morning. Katelyn and I worked closely to make sure that the light temperatures in the images matched the vision she had in mind - clean white in the laundry room and warmer, creamier light in the powder room.

Silberman Drive Shoot

These photos of a powder room, mud room and master bath were shot in the afternoon.