FACES SF Shoot with Andrea Faucett / by Jean Bai


By far one of the technically challenging shoots I’ve done, this FACES SF project was completed early August. Andrea Faucett designed these teacher lounges for a non-profit school serving under-privileged youth. We wanted to bring out the richness of the wood to show that design can be cost-effective, environment-friendly and beautiful.

Andrea Faucett and I collaborated heavily during the shoot, styling the sets, as well as after the shoot, deciding on the true color of walls, furniture, etc.

The problem with high end cameras is that they capture every nuance to color, yet tungsten and daylight color temperatures don’t mix well. It’s why I always opt to start the post-processing shortly after the shoot while the true colors are still fresh in mind.

Below are side-by-side comparisons of the scout photos and the finished product.