Airtime Offices / by Jean Bai

When Eda Stroube of Multistory Studio called me about a project, I was instantly intrigued. Her young firm based in New York designed the interiors for Airtime, a tech office in Palo Alto, that needed to be shot quickly before more desks were to be moved into the center area below the hanging lamps as shown in the second image.

This made if difficult, since we didn’t have enough time to coordinate a scout ahead of time. To accommodate the decision-makers based in both New York and Turkey, we used WhatsApp to select images and draft notes. It really felt like a new time period, cross-communicating a photo project.

We squeezed in 8 images in one afternoon based on those selections. Big thanks to Kitty Bromhead, was the design lead on this project, who flew into Palo Alto to work on this shoot with me.