Recent Airbnb Plus Shoots / by Jean Bai

It’s not always easy shooting for Airbnb Plus.

It’s essentially shooting quickly like a real estate photographer, but with a editorial eye. We’re given a little over an hour to shoot up to 30 shots for a 2 bedroom listing and we are not allowed to use any lighting equipment or camera equipment other than our camera and tripod. It’s both challenging and liberating, actually. Aside from trying to be artful, we’re to shoot each side of main rooms straight-on, which is truly a challenge when dealing with tiny SF bedrooms.

Airbnb’s photo team handles the editing on their end, which is a huge draw for me when I have to edit my own client shoots. When you can’t use any lighting equipment during a shoot, the post-processing can be more labor-intensive.

However, I wanted to practice my own hand at modern photo editing techniques for natural light shots and share some projects I recently shot for Airbnb.