Luminate Capital Art Installation / by Jean Bai

September flew by quickly. I went to Norway earlier this month to take some time off in the Arctic Circle and drive through the western Fjord region, renewing my old love of travel photography. It was an important step for me, since I’ve been working so much inside, documenting the work of others, that I almost forgot what it felt like to shoot for myself. I think that to be creative, you have to have projects on the outside to cultivate your aesthetic sense and create without limitations.

In any case, it was great to be back working again with interiors. In this project, I was tasked to showcase the work of my client, Susan Swartz Studios, a painter based in Park City, Utah. Distance being an issue, I went ahead of time to scout the location to send and discuss test images to figure out how to best shoot her artwork for her portfolio. I initially imagined natural light shots, but upon visiting and seeing the angles we’d want, I realized that there couldn’t be enough light. Packed plenty of strobes and mixed natural with artificial light below.